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Minster from Art Gallery 3

So, where shall we start? The picture on the left is of York, where he was born. Always yearning for the bright lights of the big city, he moved ‘dahn sarf’ as soon as he possibly could, to London, under the sadly-mistaken belief that the streets there were paved with gold.Tower Bridge 2002

Once he was happily settled in London, he ran stalls in Portobello Road and Charing Cross markets, where he sold military memorabilia, and his expertise in the field of collecting WWII US Army insignia led him to being asked by a publisher to contribute to a large-format book, which was published by Salamander under the title Military Collectibles. 

He later had a gun shop in Kent, and it was due to his interest in the shooting sports that he began contributing articles to various shooting magazines.  

In 1993, his wife Vannessa won a Green card in the US Government Lottery, which gave them the right to live and work in the USA. So, they sold everything and moved across the Atlantic to Arizona, finally settling in Scottsdale.

Surrendering CactusHere, he managed one of the state’s largest gun stores and shooting range, where for a moderate fee, you could rent and shoot handguns and machine guns.

In addition, he was licenced to teach the Arizona Concealed Weapons program, which allowed successful students to apply for a concealed weapons permit. With this permit, you were permitted to carry a concealed handgun or other weapon, like a switchblade knife (legal in Arizona!) anywhere where they were not officially forbidden, like schools, federal buildings, prisons (huh?),  nuclear power stations (!) etc.

His magazine work continued, with his articles being published in numerous magazines in the USA, the UK, Australia and South Africa. He also contributed a series of humorous pieces to an Arizona newspaper, which he stopped after the second article was published, when he was told by the editor that “we don’t pay our writers, but you can have some free copies”.

Being a firm believer in Samuel Johnson’s dictum that, ‘No man but a blockhead ever wrote anything, except for money’, he stopped the series.